Dale Tosczak



ACDA Dance Studio operates in Red Deer, Calgary and Grande Prairie.

Dale Tosczak is a World Champion, professional dancer specializing in many dance styles including: Country, Swing, Latin, and Ballroom. 

Dale started dancing more than 20 years ago in 1998 with the Red Deer Dance Club.  He quickly discovered the passion for dancing and by the following year entered his first competition in couples country dancing.  In 1999, Dale and his partner, won several competitions and qualified to compete in the UCWDC Worlds couples competition.  In 2003, Dale and his partner won the UCWDC World Championships and went on to win this title again in 2004.  

Since that time, many competitive couples and singles have trained through the ACDA studio.  Pro-Am competitions allow an amateur dancer to compete with a pro and provide a challenging and fast paced means of developing a great dancer.  Every year Dale trains people to compete in the UCWDC competitions in 2 Step, Waltz, Cha Cha, Polka, Triple 2 step, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Nightclub.    

Dale started teaching private and group lessons in 2001 in Red Deer.  Since that time, he has expanded into Calgary and the surrounding communities.  His expertise in many dance styles keeps him in demand in cities all across Alberta, including the Northern community of Grande Prairie.  ACDA also teaches group classes for the City of Red Deer, the Country Pride Dance Club and various Schools and Retirement Homes.   

Dale has participated in many fundraisers in the local communities.  He performed 7 times in the Sheraton Celebrity Dance off in Red Deer and twice at the Drayton Valley Dance off.  And if you care to see Dale on the big screen, he performed as a dancer on the TV series Hell on Wheels and the movie Broke Back Mountain.