ACDA Dances

Instructional Dance Parties

Learn beginning country dance, ballroom, swing, and latin dances in an easy to follow format

Dance all evening while an instructor guides you through up to 8 dances.  No dance experience is necessary as full dance lessons are provided for each dance.  Singles will be matched upon arrival and rotated periodically  

The 55+ dances are planned with slower music and dances such as Waltz, Rumba, and Fox Trot. 

The All Ages dances cover dances such as Salsa, 2 step, and Cha Cha with faster contemporary music.  

Westie 2 Step Dances

A country dance mixed with west coast swing, latin dance, cha cha and salsa complete with a lesson

Friday Nights at Bliss Be Fit

Dance to West Coast Swing, 2 Step, Cha Cha, Salsa, and some line dancing.  A dance designed for all levels of dancers, from the beginners that have just started dancing and for experienced dancers. 

Dancing can seem difficult at first, but with some practice in a relaxed atmosphere, you will feel comfortable quickly.  Dale Tosczak is a wonderful instructor and is there to teach new dancers, demonstrate new moves and coach you through this learning curve.  

West Coast Swing is a danced to contemporary music.  It is modern, sexy dance based on connection that allows for individual style and showmanship.

Our West Coast Dances are hosted by a professional DJ and World Champion Dancer, Dale Tosczak.  

He teaches two dance lessons, a beginner dance lesson and then shares a new move for more advanced dancers.  Come to the dance, learn from a pro and learn how to really dance to the music.   

Rally Routines (Formerly Flashmob)

Grande Prairie rally/line dance lessons in country, west coast swing, as a flashmob performance

Performances based on the West Coast Swing, Cha Cha and Salsa Rally routines that have been professionally choreographed.  

10 weeks of dance lessons to train to perform at different locations throughout Grande Prairie.  The attention to detail and musicality of the routines increases dance ability much faster than lead /follow dances alone.  

Learn technique, footwork, musicality and then perform to show it off.  

Salsa Rally - Starts Feb  27th

Routine based on a Salsa Version of Uptown Funk.

Learn Salsa basics to an intermediate level with a choreographed routine.  This is a perfect way for a beginning dancer to learn proper timing, hip movements, and technique through repetition and professional instruction. 

Cha Cha - Starts Feb 28th 

Cha Cha is danced to Latin music, Contemporary music and many Country Songs.  It is a very versatile dance.  This routine will start basic and move into some very nice intermediate moves suitable for competition.  This routine will be danced to slower music to start and music will be changed as our team confidence increases.  

ACDA Upcoming Dances and Events

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